Mercy Seed

Anthony Seck’s “Mercy Seed” is a cinematic examination of the human condition active in worldly conflicts; a film that brilliantly portrays the act of an external influence as the solution to a seemingly tragic ending.

Floyd is a modest farmer who makes an honest living raising pigs. He takes pride in his work and doesn’t react well when a transport driver for Road King carelessly falls asleep at the wheel. He becomes even more upset when Tuffy, the owner of Road King, reacts threateningly to Floyd’s complaint. Floyd sets out for a vengeful apology, armed with the pains of the past and accompanied by a young woman running from her present.

Seck’s protagonist is a refreshing twist on the vengeful. Floyd’s a well-developed, complex character whose calm disposition in the face of anger and disappointment is alarming. His disdainful emotions are channeled through wood chopping so intense, he’s destroying the present and the past.

Seck’s ability to convey emotion through the lens is a continuous thread through the film. The Ontario landscape as Floyd and his companion travel to Tennessee transitioning into northern American farmland is beautiful and pleasant, juxtaposing the current mood of the film. The serene landscape paired with ill emotion is much like Floyd: a stoic outward appearance with a much deeper makeup. Even more impressing is how Seck chooses to reveal Floyd’s more complex insides. This moment is powerful, driven by flashbacks and the flashing lights of an ambulance, creating a sense of urgency and anxiety.

“Mercy Seed” isn’t just about a man traveling on the road to revenge. It’s a film about the intangible world’s interaction with humanity and the flow of the universe; a thought provoking, spiritual jolt reflecting life’s rarities and wonders.


Blogger filmbrat said...

Tom Noonan stars in this short..he was brilliant in 'HEAT' playing the scenes w/DeNiro and w/Nicholson in 'tHE PLEDGE'
he is totally absorbing to watch in this short.
his site has a great quicktime that shows his work

9:54 AM  
Anonymous hockeyhair said...

Director Anthony Seck has directed some of my favourite video's He's pretty well known here... he is also making a movie with Tom Green right now
But besides the movie and video's he has a band called Shalabi Effect and you can download the demo free at
plus I think he's in a band with
BSS members

where is mercy seed screening?

10:05 AM  

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