Better Than Sex

What can be more enjoyable, sensual and satisfying for a woman than sex? Shoes, of course! They’re dependable, reliable and a girl can always ditch one pair for another pair without any emotional discourse or struggle. Directors Tina Cardinale and Christopher Burns of Mythos Productions simulate a Stomp beat production dedicated to women and their love for shoes in “Better Than Sex.”

Moans, sighs of excitement and the sounds of shoes tapping the pavement wrap into a catchy beat that grabs excitement and induces lust for shoes. Sexy feet resting confidently on jewel crested sandals and strapped high-heels, and close ups on women as they express their sincere desire and passion with orgasmic exclamation accentuates that this film places shoes on a higher plane.

A simple storyline with basic shots, Cardinale and Burns build their film on sound. Visuals are paired with well-orchestrated beats that increases intensity for footwear. Actors aren’t the main focus of this film, and its obvious that the casting was well directed toward this concept because although all the women are good looking, there is an absence of a dominate character and overacting.

It may be easy for some women to become offended by such a claim that something as materialistic as shoes takes priority over sex. But, it’s obvious that this film intends to be humorous. Bright colors, close ups and cheesy expressions are all part of the game. Without the title head, it would be pretty hard to decipher that shoes are better than sex. There’s an outright sexual connotation in regards to the presence of shoes, but without the title, the film could simply be about women’s love for shoes.


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