From Beef Tips On Rice Productions, care of director/writer Steve Gelder, comes a truthful portrayal of a small-town escapee in the big dreams of Los Angeles only to find his goals lost in the city’s energy and thwarted by his unresolved marriage.

“Arc” is an intellectual, yet light-hearted comedy, concerning Steve, a slipper wearing, uninspired screenwriter, timing his day by the amount of beers he drinks on a bench while he waits with his buddy for their daily entertainment from a local crazy. Paralyzed by the city, Steve is an inactive character until his predictable interaction with the homeless man unexpectedly fails. It is this moment that sends our lackadaisical characters from warming the bench to walking the streets in search for the infamous bum.

Gelder’s film is predominately a dialog driven story that proves tiresome until the climatic incident that leads Steve to alter his pointless path. It’s the script’s consistent bald exposition that drives disinterest in Steve’s life, resulting in disinterest in the film. It can be assumed that Gelder intended to set up Steve’s life as a lack of passion and ambition so that his character arc is obvious and definite. He uses a situation to inspire the main character to induce an arc, falling in accordance to Steve’s realization that a character cannot wait for a sign to make a change, a character must be proactive and interactive.

Gelder’s parallel between the story’s plot points and Steve’s realizations is what makes it a cohesive and thought provoking film. The film loses strength in its dependence upon the cognitive regurgitations of Steve and his dreadlock-wearing buddy, but regains momentum from afterthoughts arising in moments following the films conclusion. It can be said that reflections of this film can create an audience arc in perception of this film. Hey, that’s a lot of arcs.


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