Speed Deal

Two friends living in the fast lane are set on making a party out their day, but get tied up with botch drug deals and shoplifting in Alana White’s “Speed Deal”.
Carrie and Daisy want to get a buzz on, but they don’t have any money. Their solution to shoplift some booze from a liquor store fails when an expensive bottle of gin crashes on the floor. The girls are forced to come up with some quick cash, and use their stealth stealing skills to score some high grade speed that they pass on to a prominent drug dealer in return for some cash. With cash to spare, the girls are living large until their product becomes their demise.
White’s talents lie more in filmmaking than in story telling. The film’s set and editing are the most impressive aspects. The bright set design and fast editing reflect the character’s careless and fast lifestyle. The story is the weakest element with low stakes and an absence of character arcs. Carrie and Daisy’s consequence, although intended to be light-hearted and comical, is played off too lightly, resulting in flat characters that neither learn from their mistakes nor develop cunning ways to dodge their consequences.
If you are interested in more information regarding Alana White’s film, you may contact her at Laelin@hotmail.com.


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