The Morning Guy

Who can stand an alarm clock? It’s a rude awakening from sound sleep, an escape from the working world and a break from reality. The plus about an alarm clock is you can hit the snooze or shut up the incessant buzzing with a hit of a button. How would you feel if your spouse was your alarm clock and not just a nudge, no, more like an annoying morning talk show host that has no “off” button? Mark W. Gray shows the perfect scenario in “The Morning Guy” when a man’s wife is awoken in this very manner and reaches the end of her rope.

The Morning Guy: he knows the time, the temperature, traffic conditions, witty factoids about sports, and he doesn’t shut up! The Morning Guy’s wife awakes to this torture, one can imagine, every day. He follows her around the home as she gets ready, filling her head with meaningless babble and commercial jargon. When she takes the leap to get out of bed (and life) from her hubby, his broken record is never stifled.

The set is also well-done in respects to lighting and simple set dressing. The female actor’s hair and make-up really exemplify her insanity about the situation. Gray’s story is hilarious! He must listen to a lot of morning radio shows when he arises or has developed a vexation for this type of wake-up call. He really nails his storyline, ending it with a slam dunk. I almost wished it was longer so I could see what the rest of the poor wife’s days were like before.


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