La Dentista

A trip to the dentist is never fun, but a trip to “La Dentista” care of Michael Mohan is a mariachi-singing good time.
One morning (afternoon?), Skipper tumbles backward off his couch and staggers through his slummy bachelor pad to catch some grub. While chewing cheap kid’s cereal soaked in beer for breakfast, Skipper is pained by a bothersome cavity. His roommate and best friend, Earl, suggests the only cure: la dentista.
Having a fear of going to any dentist, Skipper is coaxed by mariachi divas and the trust agreement of his pal. When Skipper goes to la dentista, he realizes it’s almost more uncomfortable than the dentist.
There isn’t a “best part” of this film because everything is entertaining. There’s not much to criticize when a film has mariachi singers, great buddies, well-played dialog, and La Dentista. The secondary characters are given as much detail and attention to their personas as the lead, and don’t forget the sets. Skipper and Earl’s grungy living space is right out of a college dorm room – disgusting – and as far as La Dentista’s office, it’s nothing less than an apartment occupied silent Mexicans, chilling. I’m not even sure they have appointments! Their silence and detachment to the office and its activities make the audience uncomfortable almost as much as the viewer.
Skipper is a great protagonist: he’s goofy and charismatic. His buddy, Earl, is a loyal friend, and when they get together they are a great team.
View the film at: http://www.atomfilms.com/af/content/la_dentista


Anonymous scientology chaperone said...

oh my god
he has done it again
way to go mike!
~signed Tom and Kate Cruise

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