Here Was the Anthem

Sergio Umansky from Mexico directs a stunning example of a joy ride turned disaster he satirically names, “Here Was the Anthem.”

Two upper-class pals are on a mission to score some dope in an impoverished portion of a Mexican city. Dirty cops must have picked up the smell of their reluctance and are hot on their tail. Instead of arresting the boys and throwing them in jail, they take the boys for a ride that will change their lives.

Umansky’s perception of Mexican cops is frightening and gut-wrenching. The stakes are high and the young men are helpless. The villain cops are perfectly cast, especially the ring leader who is a certified bully. The story intelligently develops a thriller-type version of a fish-out-of-water story with irreversible consequences.

The title of the film is rebellious, cynical, and unpatriotic. Although this film is for pure entertainment value, the seriousness expressed towards the situation is a political engine to develop social awareness of this city’s moral downfalls. With well-crafted scenes and location, Umansky gets his point across.


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