The Forgotten Ones

A lot of people are obsessed with movie stars and other prominent figures they see on television. So much copy and photography attention is given to a false persona, and people want to emulate them because they seem so much larger than life. What about real people; people that don’t put up shields and pretend to be someone other than themselves? It’s this very notion that influences Milton Rogovin’s photography, and maybe Harvey Wang for filming “The Forgotten Ones.”

Wang’s short documentary film explores Rogovin’s world as he photographs a longitudinal study of a poor neighborhood just around the corner. “The Forgotten Ones” gives a still picture life and a story. Wang shows through Rogovin how impoverished people, who are anything but in the limelight, rather ignored and looked down upon, feel when someone takes a special interest in them as a subject matter of positive values.

Wang’s topic is an interesting spring board that lands flat. The film briskly explores the subject matter in a superficial manner. Nothing of interest is discovered; the film is simply a survey with standard shots and unvarying interviews. To finish it off, an overdone montage that has little affect upon the viewer, as little is given in retrospect.


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