Cloud Symphony

Love is a fantasy at times, both romantic and lyrical, with unpredictable occurrence. Shogo emulates the dance of a relationship that came at the wrong time in his short film, “Cloud Symphony,” that explores young love at a time of personal growth.

Two early twenties adults are joined by the clouds’ mysterious and wondrous presence. Their chance meeting becomes a partnership as they travel through the plains of the Midwest, attempting to catch up with clouds. Their unspoken bond leaves them together and yet apart.

“Symphony’s” perfectly planned shots bring beauty to the wide-open landscapes of the fields in which he sets his story. The coloration of the sky and fields creates the painting-like dream the female character designs in her memories of her love. Dialog scrolls on the screen with simultaneous Japanese narration paired with stoic characters, creating poetic perfection. Shogo’s use of movement is his strong point; the moving shots while on the road are beautiful pictures that contribute to his visual metaphors.

In the way that love has an intentional façade to shelter from one’s negative aspects; Shogo’s art does not perform with perfection. The film has careless mistakes that could have been avoided, such as misspelled subtitles that are sometimes also grammatically incorrect. Contrasting to his beautiful scenery, Shogo disappoints the viewer by periodically pulling them from the dream of being in love with the use of black screens that silently display dialog. It’s understandable that the intention is to create a gliding, silent pace but it’s a show stopper and maybe the element that proves this film as an amateur production.

However, the film has a very good display of cinematography and editing. The director and other crew members are most certainly talented and have great potential for their art. Possibly next time they will put a little more time into the minor details.


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