The Untitled J.C. Project

Mel Gibson had his perception in “The Passion of Christ” (2004), but T.J. Jackson and Jeffrey Newman insist it happened a different way. In “The Untitled J.C. Project”, Jesus will fight the match of his life for the crown of the world.

In one corner Cruci and Fix, a power punch duo out for blood, ready to take over the world for Lou Cee, the lord of the underworld. In the other corner, swinging and dodging, the confident, strong, brass-knuckled, teeth gritting Jesus. The predictions and statistics show that the man who claims to be God’s son will dominate, but with bribes and betrayals, the outlook is a bloody one. Will Jesus leave with the golden crown or just a crown of thorns?

Filmmakers Newman and Jackson have portrayed a biblical battle of epic proportions with low budget sets, costumes, and graphic manipulation. The characters have simple costumes that say it all. Pontius Pilate is a happening Roman governor, announcing the fight in style with his wavy, red mullet. Lou Cee may be the ruler of darkness, but his fashionable dark, black cloak with newborn baby doll accessory says he’s not only a ruler, he’s a dominator. Jesus sports his pecs and six-pack with Gucci-style shades, perambulating with his homies, Buddha and Moses. Don’t forget the Two Mary’s, sultry and passionate about Christ.

The set is a humble warehouse and nature scene, allowing the characterization and storyline to be in the spotlight. The lighting and camera tricks give the film an amateur feel but with intention; the cheesy sport reporter and news station gimmicks clarify the comical intention. Close-ups on Jesus flicker between green lighting, set lighting, and black and white. In some shots, Jesus is shouting into the camera in a close-up shot that flickers to a black and white image, revealing Jesus bleeding from the head where the crown of thorns were placed. The image is prophetic and powerful.

Gibson spent $260 million dollars to portray Christ in his final moments with gruesome and horrifying details that left an audience feeling mournful and disgusted. Movies should leave one happy, introspective, and entertained. “The Untitled J.C. Project” supplies laughs, intellectual incite, and won’t disappoint. Check out the link for more information on links, message board, and more!



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