A teenage girl from a desolate town in Kentucky dreams of bigger life in the city, so she packs her bags and heads to New York. A decision to ditch her original plan and hitch a ride with a stranger heading to Miami changes her life forever. “Stray.” is a suspenseful journey for one girl’s freedom and growth.

Kimberlee Peterson plays the lead female roll of Alicia. She has been acting from a young age, and has appeared on several television shows including “Boston Public”, “NYPD Blue”, “CSI”, and “The Practice”. Her bright, curious eyes are perfect for portraying an inexperienced and desirable character. Sometimes Alicia’s demeanor is similar to a character from “Dog Days”; she isn’t conscious of personal space and wants to be involved in the scene.

Her companion, Jack Logan, is played by Channon Roe who has an impressive acting education background. He has acted in a couple of other independent films, television shows, and was a surfer in “Boogie Nights”. His rough facial hair and sunglasses give him an ominous appeal; he may be deadly.

The night scenes are outstanding with one light on the set shining on Alicia. Shots like the one on the hotel porch and in the hotel room are ethereal. The sunrise beach scene in Miami expresses Alicia’s joy as she runs towards the blue sky and open horizon water; you can really feel her exhilaration as she dances in the water in slowed time. It’s no surprise that “Stray.” has such a captivating visual appeal. Director Theresa Wingert started her career in printmaking and graphic media on paper. She had successful shows in art galleries, and transitioned her art to movie pictures for commercials. “Stray.” is her first short film.

“Stray.” has the ability to be made into a feature film. There are aspects of Alicia’s relationship with Jack that are only touched upon in this short. Alicia and Jack appear to be developing a sort of sexual, flirtatious relationship. It’s unclear at the beginning of the film exactly what Alicia is running away from besides a dead-end lifestyle. Possibly her relationship with Jack is an attempt to fill a void, and this will make for a very interesting psychological story-line.


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