One Lucky Fan

The wealthy and ditzy Paris Hilton/ Nicole Richie, debutant society seems to be getting all the hype and media attention; it’s about time someone made fun of them. Michael Mohan and Chris Goodwin have written a short flashy farce on media culture’s hottest stars that don’t really deserve the attention, “One Lucky Fan”.

April Gilbert plays the nameless, blonde bimbo attracting attention with her crazy partying and sex tapes. On a photo shoot she’s asked to “be less you” and goes on a pseudo philosophical journey of her persona, but whatever is flying out of her mouth means nothing when she’s doing the cameraman at the same time. The moment she is to meet her lucky winner, she decides to turn it into a media ploy to get more attention. When the fan isn’t what she expects, there’s still no stopping her.

The ending of the film is probably the most unsettling because at first glance it’s trite, but in this case it says it all. It explains the influence that the media has on our society and different age group in a comical fashion. If the ending is unsettling, it’s because it’s true.

Check out Director Michael Mohan’s short at http://www.atomfilms.com


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Wow, this sounds really interesting. I'll have to look into getting it.

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