Missing Sock

You’ve done three loads of wash and your entire socks match up but one. After a little effort to find the missing sock, many of us will end up throwing the sock in the undergarment drawer with hopes that its match will turn up. Most likely we’ll end up using it for a dust rag, and maybe this very notion compelled Astronauta to search far and wide for her missing sock in Eric Allen’s short film, “Missing Sock”.
Astronauta’s outrageous journey is hilarious from the get-go. First off, the fact that she thinks the tied up woman in her roommate’s room is the normalcy is only the beginning of madness. On her search she meets a conniving Indian women dressed in full garb, armed with a firearm, and ready to fight for that single sock Astronauta has in her possession. She also enters a psychedelic “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” world of missing things.
There’s an interesting element to the story that is extraneous to the world that Astronauta resides, but is still coherently part of the storyline. This portion is expressed in dream-like black and white atmosphere and provides a philosophical insight that is jumbled up in a foreigner’s view of Americans prescription drug use to provide happiness. Possibly this element lends to even a deeper level of interpretation aside from the comical intentions of spoofing styles of well-know movies that are hits in the box-office.
Allen’s film is a funny take on a common frustrating situation rarely anyone of us has been able to solve. It’s a must see!


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eric allen must be stopped

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