Everyday we are bombarded by advertisements. They penetrate our subconscious and manipulate our perception of everyday life. “Commercial” is Michael Cross’s comedic tribute to media culture.
Jake is a television junky. He’s been up all night waiting for his friend’s commercial to appear between shows. He becomes brain washed and his world turns into one large advertisement. His girlfriend, family, and the people he see are copies of commercials cycled on television. He thinks he’s an objective observer, but no even Jake can escape becoming part of an ad.
Cross’s subject matter explores the power of commercial rhetoric and the effect it has on our personas and mental freedom, but with a light-hearted storyline that is in theme with commercials. The presentation butts heads with the lack of dimension to the plot, causing the storyline to drag with an anchor by its side. If the movie appears clean it’s because it is flat, ending the only way it can: predictably and conclusively.
Don’t rule out the humorous enjoyment of this film’s subject. Just don’t expect a lot of substance.


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