Closest Thing to Heaven (Music Video)

Tears for Fears’ most recent album “Everybody Loves a Happy Ending”, released in September 2004, has an exciting music video for the song “Closest Thing to Heaven”. The art design and direction is headed by Meni Tsirbas of MeniThings Productions. Tsirbas meticulously planned his vision for this song before production, creating a storyboard and building the video’s 3D world prior to filming. His carefully prepared world resembles the romantic fantasy world designed for the film “Moulin Rouge” (2001).

Britney Murphy, reportedly a long-time fan of the band, is the video’s focus. Her curly, brown, long locks and dreamy, bright eyes are perfect for the object of dazzling, beauty the band conveys through the song. Tsirbas worked closely with ‘Defaultmind’ for CGI post production work, successfully creating a dream-like interpretation of Fear’s lyrics.


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