They are scavengers for survival, defending themselves against a monstrous, robotic destroyer with rusty joints that shriek as it clanks through the junk yard. They are numbered potato sack beings with big hearts and clever minds. 9 and 5 are the last of their kind, forced to fend for themselves against the devilish beast. A little smaller than the size of a book, these two companions search through the junk yard for useful parts of objects to help defeat their nemesis in Shane Acker’s short film, “9”.

“9” is not only a cute adventure tale of survival, but it’s an artist’s perception of a daily desk job. The numbers 9 and 5 resemble typical work hours and the evil beast that steals their souls is the working world itself. These little heart-felt numbered men have camera lenses for eyes either symbolizing the filmmaker specifically or creative people in general who see the world from a different perspective. In this sense, these little guys are fighting to keep their artistic freedom and beat the beast of the mundane, predictable, work world.

The computer animation on this film captures the fine detail of every object, especially the potato sack fabric coverings of the mini-men. The dim lighting and dark setting are reminiscent of a war scene. The film avoids dialogue and depends on amazing and impressing sound artistry to convey the characters personas and communication.

Shane Acker is an independent animator and director living in Los Angeles. His film “9” has won at film festivals including Siggraph. It is predicted that “9” will be nominated for an Oscar in 2006. Visit his site and learn his name; he’s soon to be an artist you know.


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I wanna see this! It reminds me of a story I read once, and I really loved the story! I wish I could remember the name. Do you know if this story is alluding to any older literature anyone?

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