Wedding Date

When you want to make your ex-fiancé jealous just hire a pre-packaged date who knows women better than a woman, who has charm, good looks, and of course is willing to fly to England for a wedding. That’s what Kat Ellis (Debra Messing) does in “Wedding Date”. Instead of believing a man doesn’t make the woman, she chooses to act out dramatically like one of those extreme stories from a female magazine and imbed even further into women’s minds the wrong way to react to a situation. Furthermore, this romantic comedy is a salad of scenes with a ridiculous plot and too much drama even for this girl to take.

The story begins with Kat on high anxiety about her hired date she found from an article in a women’s magazine. She pays Nick Mercer (Dermot Mulroney) six grand to pretend he loves her and fool her family into thinking she is over her past and onto a new love. They arrive in England and of course every woman is swooning over Nick like they have never seen an attractive man before. Even the bride, Kat’s sister Amy, can’t keep her paws off of him.

For the background story of the couple, Kat decides he’s a therapist and they met at a Knicks game. Since Nick is now a therapist, he’s free to give away advice about women that is so profound men are using him as an instruction manual. Of course the women think he’s brilliant.

In attempts to make her ex-fiancé even more jealous, Kat decides to flaunt herself in front of her ex, which only makes her look desperate. What follows is the bachelorette party where the girls dress in silly argon socks and short sexy skirts (a play on the Catholic school girl uniform fantasy) where they proceed to get to completely toasted. Amy (who is always extremely drunk) tells Kat she has doubts but nothing else.

In her drunken stupor, Kat decides to make a stop at the ATM because sex with her hooker costs dough. The girls waiting in the limo cheer her on, but it doesn’t make sense since they have no clue he’s a hired date. Kat and Nick sleep together and Nick becomes attached. Unfortunately, Kat doesn’t remember sleeping with him and Nick feels rejected and hurt.

At the pre-wedding dinner Kat finds out her ex-fiancé was sleeping with her sister and that’s why he broke off their marriage. To up the drama a notch, this is all happening while Amy is dating Edward (Jack Davenport), and everyone else knows but her. Kat pushes Nick away and everything is at risk until Edward decides he’ll still marry Amy and Nick goes running back to Kat. What makes less than sense is why a man would marry a woman who has repeatedly cheated on him just because make-up sex will be better?

The characters are flat. The plot is dull. Save your money.


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