The Plumber

“The Plumber” is Redrover Animations Studios first computer animation film designed as a short film to be optioned for a longer one that has put Redrover on the map. It’s a short film about a man who is too stubborn and cheap to pay a professional for his own dripping sink, and ends up creating a more expensive mess than anticipated. The main and only visual character is designed with such detail that he is a direct reflection of reality. The close-up shots reveal morning scruff on his face and tiny veins and imperfections on his nose. His lips are cracked and the lines in his hands are apparent. His facial structure is well-defined with abrupt lines and muscular movements. I place the talent of this animation up there with PIXAR and other professional artists.

The talented men who have created this short come from two different mediums of animation. One of the directors, Andy Knight, comes from a classical animation background. He collaborated with Richard Rosenman to create a film that combines the classical form with the computer generated form. The project took Six months and a team of eight artists, Knight and Rosenman as the animators.

This film can be viewed online at CGNetworks.com.


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