Joesaphine At Parties (Music Video)

Greg Camilleri is the director, writer, and innovative thinker behind the re-released music video "Joesaphine At Parties". This video and song are based on a real life young woman who used to show up at large parties but no one in the room knew who she was other then her name, "Joesaphine". Joesaphine would arrive with drugs and dance in the corner, and then suddenly disappeared to never show up at another party again. This video is an artistic interpretation of her existence and a tribute to her presence. The video is as diverse in design as the song. Camilleri flows from an electronic modified voice with electronic beats to a dreamy cafe guitar jam that creates a sense of psychosis; the two juxtaposing styles of the song appear to represent Joesaphine's reality. The video is digitally designed in three different formats. One scene set-up is Camilleri's head, full color, bright lights, surrounded by small, white balls. Another set-up is shot footage manipulated to look like a pencil drawn animation, flood with color. The other shots are an abrupt change with almost a black and white or sepia base and random intense colors from one single object, like a cord.

Joesaphine is portrayed by three different men, representing her indefinite persona. She wears an overgrown baby-doll dress and carries around an old vacuum. Joesaphine swaggers along the sidewalks of Hollywood where the shots are vivid in color and with jarring details. The scenes in her apartment are colorless truths of her sexual relationship with a vacuum, which represents the affect of drugs on Joesaphine: they have consumed her life.

Greg Camilleri is a multi-talented artist producing music videos, music, and stand-up comedy. You can view his music videos and purchase music at his website.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um.....that would be odd since Billy Corgan is straight....


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd just like to state, for the record, that there is nothing even remotely gay about a man in drag having sex with a vacuum. Don't be crazy.

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Anonymous blag said...

wait a minute does that mean greg is a man?
i'm confused...!

i cnat spel

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