Betters clench tickets, horses race towards the end, and Angela’s heart beats with anticipation at the results. It’s not because she cares about her customers’ investments. She cares more about the money she has stolen from her customers to invest.

“Betrunner” is a short film directed by Vince Spano about a betrunner who becomes addicted to gambling on horse races. She stays out late, scavenging clubs for wealthy clubbers willing to bet high, and then pockets the cash for personal betting. She intentionally skips section assignment meetings so she can work the pit. This insures opportunities for intentionally losing or forgetting to place bets.

Her scheme seems to be working until Vin confronts her for stealing 30Gs. He gives her until the end of the 9th race to get half the money she stole - or else. Angela uses stolen money to place a bet on the pick six, and wins 58Gs – way more than she owes Vin. In the end, it’s apparent she won’t stop here with her clean slate but keep betting herself deeper into trouble.

This film has great shots of the casino, capturing the action and the scene with perfection. The music is very affective, and the storyline is perfect. The acting, however, is the weakest part of the film. Vin, played by Peter Dobson, is a cliché bad-guy and is not very convincing as a threat. Gabrielle Conforti’s acting is stale and shows an attitude that is unnatural and unlikable. There is a unique slow editing style used in the club that is paired with creative and well-planned camera shots, but sometimes this editing style is used inappropriately to connote an emotion that the actor was unable to express effectively, such as Angela receiving Vin’s message in the casino bathroom. Overall, a good film anchored down to the bottom of the sea by poor acting and some over-editing.


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